Friday, July 27, 2007

A little bit of this and that

I went to Costco earlier this week, and got the most DELICIOUS Healthy Choice fudge bars (frozen on a stick). The delights of eating right! LOL!

We are dealing with fleas here. It's gross. They only bite ME. Sometimes they bite Sophia, but mostly it's me. Not Mike, not Zachary or JA. So we have detail vacuumed, dusted like crazy (Thanks to my FlyLady duster!), and unearthed a pile of stuff. I'm doing the FlyLady thing with working for a bit, decluttering /organizing for a bit, and taking a wee break. I have my PMS night tonite, so I have been working hard all afternoon. JA and Z went to Mom's after swimming (a nice surprise for me!), and when I had lunched Sophia, she napped, and I went to town. A diaper box full of paper recyling, a big bag of plastic bags, a box for Freecycle(tm), and a box for stuff to donate... ad it's shaping up! The ladies will be shocked! :D

The kids finished up their swimming lessons this morning. WOW, the progress they made! Nobody passed... well, Zachary passed one level and moved into the next during the session. I'm thinking of putting JA in for another session in August. She was doing SO well I would hate to see her slide back in her abilities!

Well, I should get back to my tidying... it's almost done. Then it's on to packing our gear for going to Port Carling!! WHOOOOOHOOO!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Stampin' Up! News and Events! :D

Good afternoon everyone!

Well, the new catalogue is here, and I've been spending some time with it every day! You will not be disappointed in all the new and wonderful things that Stampin' Up! has to offer you this season! Lots of great new stamp sets, a wonderful array of double sided patterned cardstock, textured cardstock, Pretties Kit, new punch kit, Simply Sent kits, and new Simply Scrappin' Kits! That's just the tip of the ice-burg! If you would like to have your own copy, they are available for sale for 12$ each. Free with a 100$ order before shipping and taxes, free for joining the Hostess Club, and FREE for hosting a workshop!

People have been asking about my Fall Day Crop! The date is set for Saturday, October 13th from
1-8:30pm, at The Real Canadian Superstore on 4th Avenue in St. Catharines. The cost for the day will be 25$ if you purchase your ticket by September 15th, and 30$ anytime after that. Space is limited to 20 so don't delay in reserving your spot! The day includes your supper, snacks, beverages, door prize draws, a make 'n take, grand prize draw and a goodie bag!! It's always a good time, so sign up today!

I will be hosting a Fall/Winter Collection 2007 Open House on Thursday, August 9th from 7-9pm. Come and peruse the new catalogue, make a Christmas card (getting a head start on the holidays!), make a purchase of 50$ or more (before shipping and taxes) and get a free gift from me!!

PMS nights continue! Our next PMS night is Friday, July27th; Friday, August 24th; and Friday, September 28th. The time is 7 till whenever you head home! The cost is 5$ and includes a snack, beverage, and use of my tools, stamps and inks. Consumable products are available to be purchased should you need something that evening! Space is limited to 6!

5$ card nights will resume in August on the 21st. Start time is 7:30. We'll be making masculine birthday cards in August! Purchase 25$ or more from the catalogue and your class is FREE!

Christmas is coming! :) I have scheduled two Christmas Card workshops already! The first is October 20th from 1-5pm, the second is November 10th from 1-5pm. If anyone would like to get a group of people together to do a Christmas card class at another time, I am available some weekday mornings as well! The cost will be 25$ for 10 cards (2 each of 5 designs, with envelopes!), purchase 50$ from the catalogue and your class is FREE!!! Pre-payment holds your spot! Class is limited to 8.

Happy Stamping and Scrapping everyone!!

Monday, July 2, 2007

A little "Zachary-ism"

I forgot to put this wee tidbit in. The big kids and Michael went on the "Orca Screamer" which is the real name for the 'mini sky screamer' they went on. What a blast!! I could see Zachary looked a bit worried zipping up and down. When he got off he was all smiles though. So I asked him "Zachary, did you like that ride?" and his answer... "Oh Mommy, I LOVED it, but my tummy was scared!!" LOL!!! JA had something similar to say about her tummy feeling weird... hehehe.

School trips, end of school, starting off summer right!

So a lot has gone on with our wee family this past few weeks!! Hmm, I wish I knew how to do bullet points! LOL!

Anyway... field trips galore abounded in the Beaudry household the last week or two of school! I already spoke of Zachary's trip to Avondale. Next on the agenda was a trip to the Carousel in Port Dalhousie. It was the last day of school for Zachary's M/T class. Lots of fun - riding the carousel, doing some crafts, playing organized games, playground time, and a snack! Even Sophia joined in the fun, sticking very close to Mrs. Foley (Z's teacher).

The next day was the pre-school's 'family fun fair' evening. A nice spread of food (fried chicken from Superstore, salads and desserts donated by all the families), two air bouncers (one bouncer, one filled with floating balloons, both a hit!), and gifts for the teacher... and the school year was over! Hard to believe my wee boy is already done his first year of 'formal' style schooling. He's not thrilled about Kindergarten! He wants all his friends to go with him, and he wants Mrs. Foley to move on too! LOL!

Thursday was JA's school field trip. The entire primary division went to Zooz!! Oh the fun we had! I had JA and two other little girls in my group. We walked the park, rode the tram, saw LOADS of animals, played a wee bit in the park, had a great lunch, and a great time! So glad it wasn't a total scorcher for sure! Not sure Zooz is somewhere I would buy a season's pass to unless we lived about 15-20 mins away (it's more like 45 for me!). BUT it was a great place to go with the kids! We saw giraffe's, hippos, many monkeys, lots of birds (some even talked!), lions, tigers, bears, kangaroos, prairie dogs, deer, buffalo, and more!! JA still talks about it!

Friday was hot dog day at Port Weller school. We went to school to visit JA, drop her bike off and whatnot. The kids and I ended up scoring free hotdogs! LOL! That led us to a trip to a local 'market' to get two flats of strawberries (made into jam, and a bunch frozen for smoothies in the winter!!).

We had JA's last days of school the following week. Very emotional for me. Camp day was Monday. Lots of fun there! Games, water, you name it. It was also REPORT CARD DAY!! I am thrilled to report that JA got all A's and B's, G's and E's on her report! not too surprising her A's were in Drama and Music! LOL! That's my girl!! :) The last day was emotional for me... JA's teacher retired this year. She was EXCELLENT!! Definitely happy that we were able to experience her teaching. I made a beautiful scrapbook of the class, and the school for her. Many of the students wrote her little notes I tucked into a pocket in the back. It nearly brought her to tears. It certainly brought me to tears to see Mrs. R. tearful as she bid her last class a final good bye! She will be surely missed. As a side note, she showed around the book I made to all the other teachers and the principal. They were all impressed... the principal so much impressed that she has asked me to make a scrapbook up for the ENTIRE SCHOOL!! It will consist of all the newspaper clippings, staff photos and things, and they'll pay for it!! WHOOOHOOO!! I will start in September! :)

Our first full week off from school has been a busy on!! We have ridden our bikes a couple days (really REALLY hot days!!), played with the neighbour boy, and eagerly awaited the local park pool to open!!

We got ourselves a 12'x30" Dolfino pool for the front yard. It's a bit off kilter, but whatever suits our needs for this summer! :) As long as it doesn't roll over, we're good to go!! The Arthur St. pool opened on Friday, so we took the kids and JA's friend down to the pool for an hour. We zipped in on Saturday as well. I won a family pool pass for a year at JA's school fundraiser! So our swimming this year is all FREE!!! :D

We had our 2nd annual Canada Day BBQ yesterday. A few families came, our 'not so new anymore' neighbours came as well! I think we were 18 adults, and 8 kids. We had bacon wrapped turkey on the bbq, hot dogs, salads, veggies, and some AWESOME desserts!! After the kids swam in the pool, the guys played catch in the street (LOVE the dead end street for that!), kids played soccer, we ate, and then some of us headed to the fireworks in Port Dalhousie. LOTS of fun... COLD and WINDY but fun! I think the fireworks were the best yet!! Here's to next year!! :D

Today (Monday, the 'official' day off!) we decided to go to
Marineland, and we purchased season's passes. We went for a few hours, saw the dolphin/sea lion/walrus show, caught the splash and dive show with the killer whales, and did a bunch of the kiddie rides. I have photos... and I hate to admit but I laughed REALLY HARD when Sophia freaked on the lady bug roller coaster! LOL! Oh she did NOT like that at all!!! She did get on one other ride though, so we may have her trust back! The kids had so much fun! Really no whining, which is EXCELLENT, and it wasn't hot! We'll be going often I think!! Def. worth the money. Mike and I are planning to go back for a 'date night' one evening, without the kids... just so we can enjoy the big kid rides too!! Our next trip we'll see the other animals, the beluga whales, and the rest of the rides :)

Phew... if you read this far, CONGRATULATIONS!! LOL! I'll be posting photos tomorrow, when I get the camera out of the van!! :D