Monday, March 10, 2008

Oh Happy Day!

We have made it to Florida! 25 hours in the van, 7 states, one overnight in a hotel, LOTS of fog on Friday (beats snow any day!), and incredible winds on Saturday. We are having a great great time! :D

A brief overview... we went to church on Sunday, broke our own 'cardinal rule' and went shopping as well. We went to church Sunday night as well. It was a nice relatively relaxing day :D

Today we went to Silver Springs! That was a lot of fun... I will detail our trip later, but just wanted to blog for a few while away. Remind me about the 'happy giraffes' at SS.. The kids were super excited to see alligators and crocodiles, flamingos, neat birds, bears, ride a few rides, glass bottom boats, alligator fish called Alligator Gars, jeep rides, and all sorts of fun things :D

We hear there is an amazing amount of snow on the ground at home... but we've sent some sunshine, and hope that it's mostly melted by the time we return!! We've got a busy day ahead going to Crecent Beach, on Wed we'll head to Manitee Springs and Awana, and on Thursday Joy, JA and I are doing a Scrapbook Shop and Hop!!! WHOOOOHOOO!!

From sunny and warm short wearing Florida....