Thursday, September 9, 2010

Hello All!!

If you are still reading this blog, then great, if not, I'm writing just for me :)  That's OK too!

It's been an incredibly busy summer, and this Fall does not seem to be any less busy!!  All three children were on the Swim Team this year, the St. Catharines Piranhas.  Sophia excelled, and I hope she continues!!  Zachary also played soccer again, altho this may have been our last year of that.  We'll see.

We did get up to the trailer for a week, as it worked out with Michael's parents, and with his work schedule!  We had a great time, the children made some new friends, and we relaxed.  I love going there and just 'being.'

We are back to school already, and the days are getting cooler - hip hip hooray! 

JA is in grade 5 this year, and that makes her 2/3 done with elementary school.  She'll be 10 in just a few short weeks... um, how did that happen!?  It seems that just yesterday we brought her home from the hospital and made huge adjustments to our new lives as parents!  Anyway, she is in a gr 4/5 split class with another male teacher.  He's trying to get the kids to be on their toes already, and well, we'll see how it goes in the next week or two! LOL!  She is also enjoying being in grade 5.  She has signed up to be a kindergarten helper, and will try out for some teams this year again :)

Zachary is in grade 2.  He is in a full grade 2 class, with an awesome teacher.  He really wanted Mr. Dyck, and so did we!  We have known the Dycks for a number of years... um, 12 or so!  He is someone that Zachary needs to keep him on track and encourage him to be his best :)  He's loving grade 2!

Sophia, my wee girl, she'sin grade 1.  She's THRILLED and so excited still when she comes home from school!  Yesterday she breezed in, looked at me with bright eyes and exclaimed "we learned science today!!  All about frogs!!!"  I hope her enthusiasm for school stays with her through the year, and years ahead!  She has Mrs. McCann for a teacher, and Zachary had her last year.  We are super pleased with that choice for her :)  She's enjoying taking her lunch to school, having two recesses, and staying all day... altho it makes for one tired girl by supper time! LOL!

I have returned to my post as Lunch Supervisor at two local schools (one being our school, and another school close by).  I enjoy my job, altho it does break up my day quite a bit.  I've always been a list maker, and this choppy day has made me rely more on lists than ever before!  I'm getting in my stamping business stuff, some household chores, and a bit of 'me time' every day.  It feels odd not to have at least one child home during the day!  But I'm getting used to it :)

I've been putting forth some big efforts in my Stampin' Up! business!  I've got a great club about to start, and have been getting creative too :)  Check out the STAMPING BLOG if you wanna see what I've been up to :)

Well, the children will be home shortly, and altho I'm sure I could write for many more paragraphs, I'll sign off now! :)

Just one picture thought before I go...This is us on our way home from the trailer in August :)