Friday, March 20, 2009

Wild Turkey!

...and no, I don't mean one of the children!! :D On our way to VBS this morning, we turned onto Lakeshore Rd., when I spotted a wild turkey on the side of the road (and NOT as road kill!). I slowed down a wee bit so that the kids could get a good look... and then it walked out in front of the van. So I sat. It sauntered. Slowly. I honked, and it didn't even flinch!! (at which point the children informed me that had it been a possum, he would have played dead because it was afraid!). It sauntered accross Lakeshore Rd., stopping traffic going East bound. Stupid bird. I looked for him in the way home, but he had found greener pastures by that point. It's probably the same turke we would see riding to school last fall, and last Spring. Apparently it waltzes down Croydon every day around 7pm and perches on top of some family's white van for the night! Crazy! That photo to the left is kinda like what we saw... busy road, lights, and.... wild turkey!!

The kids were quite excited about the whole thing. They were anxious to get to VBS to share their "God Sighting" with their crew leaders!! :D