Sunday, February 10, 2008

To get organized - MAKE A BIGGER MESS!!!

I did it well then!! A couple weeks ago I ordered some Tupperware Modular Mates on sale. They are awesome!! I finally got them on Saturday, and today, I got to putting them into the cupboard. Boy oh boy, though, did I make a mess before it was finally done! I also found that I had no less than 8 bags of oregano and basil (put together) and many were opened!! Ugh, it's a good thing I use lots of both of those particular spices (or are they herbs?!). So now I have it all organized in my cupboard, and even have one modular mate left over, for which I am sure to find a use for soon!

But on to the mess... there are old containers, bags, misc stuff to be tossed, and a wire rack that needs a new home. Hmmm... poor JA tripped on the wire rack, and really scraped up her elbow :( So I'm off to find a bandaid...

Hannah Montana!

So, since Michael and the kids could not go ice-fishing this weekend, I told the devestated JA that I would do something special with her on Saturday. I was going to take her out for supper, and then on to a secret surprise!! We ended up going to the USA for the day, so we opted out of supper out. Then she got sick. Oh the tragedy of it all! I had tickets to see Hannah Montana at the movie theatre. She found out by accident that it was that movie we were going to see. Sadly, she wasn't excited (she was in her heart, but her face and her body didn't follow suit!). She was so tired, and so not feeling well, but we decided to go see it anyway! Poor thing, she slept through about half of the show (She must have been really sick and tired, as it was LOUD!!).

I have to say though, that the show was pretty good!! It was in 3D and was so much fun! We've saved our glasses for when the show comes on to DVD (soon, right?!?)

So today, she's still not well, she is laying on the couch... watching TVO Kids and in a bit, I will put on High School Musical 2 which she absolutely LOVES!! I like the music too... :)