Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Hello everyone! Today Sale-A-Bration concludes, so I thought I would offer this quick turn around special!

on all orders placed and paid for by 9pm this evening! (March 31st)

This is my own promotion that I want to share with you! Due to the short time frame for this Stylin' Stamper special, I would prefer to have orders paid via credit card (unless you can get to me with cash or cheque by 9pm tonight!).

As an additional incentive, for anyone who purchases the BIG SHOT machine, I will throw in a die of your choice valued at $5.95.

In addition to the great savings of shipping (plus saving the tax on shipping!), for each $60.00 that is spent qualifies for one of six sale-a-bration rewards ABSOLUTELY FREE! I have attached the Sale-A-Bration catalogue for you to peruse.

These purchases also qualify for your Frequent Shopper Cards!

What more can you ask for, free shipping, free merchandise, free rewards!

Please email me your orders, or call before 9pm this evening!!

Have a happy day!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Sunday Seven

Yes, it's Monday... I'm getting better :D

  1. Sponge Rollers. Need I say more? I will have photos of the girls hair later today. They LOVE getting their hair done up in curlers!
  2. yummy chicken pizza that Michael made for me for supper last night
  3. That I am coughing less, most of the time. Coughing is horrible.
  4. That I lost .75 lbs last week, I'm finally back on the right track!
  5. For friends that had JA for a sleepover on Saturday night, and kept her for a while on Sunday afternoon (even washing her dress when she got a nasty bloody nose! Thanks Debbie!)
  6. For a relaxing evening visiting with Meg on Friday
  7. For a good play practice yesterday (for church, for Easter)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sunday Seven (yes, I know it's Wed!)

  1. The kids are back to school after a good March Break!
  2. LOTS of fun was had at Crocodile Dock VBS at Gateway Christian Fellowship! We enjoyed the Sunday Service there as well.
  3. The warm weather is arriving, and we had some wonderfully warm days on the March Break!
  4. Eating pizza on Friday (as we always do) and watching Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith (Zachary is HOOKED on Star Wars!)
  5. Cadbury Easter Creme Eggs. Need I say more?! YUM!
  6. A good time at the vendor fair I participated in on Saturday.
  7. My wonderful WONDERFUL husband :D

Friday, March 20, 2009

Wild Turkey!

...and no, I don't mean one of the children!! :D On our way to VBS this morning, we turned onto Lakeshore Rd., when I spotted a wild turkey on the side of the road (and NOT as road kill!). I slowed down a wee bit so that the kids could get a good look... and then it walked out in front of the van. So I sat. It sauntered. Slowly. I honked, and it didn't even flinch!! (at which point the children informed me that had it been a possum, he would have played dead because it was afraid!). It sauntered accross Lakeshore Rd., stopping traffic going East bound. Stupid bird. I looked for him in the way home, but he had found greener pastures by that point. It's probably the same turke we would see riding to school last fall, and last Spring. Apparently it waltzes down Croydon every day around 7pm and perches on top of some family's white van for the night! Crazy! That photo to the left is kinda like what we saw... busy road, lights, and.... wild turkey!!

The kids were quite excited about the whole thing. They were anxious to get to VBS to share their "God Sighting" with their crew leaders!! :D

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday Seven

I'm going to try something new. I was prompted by Joan that I haven't blogged in FOREVER (or something along those looooong lines LOL). I read a blog and she does this Sunday Seven thing each week, where she posts 7 things she's been thankful for this week. So I thought that would be cool to do too!!

  1. A great day at the Stampin' Up! Regional event yesterday
  2. Dinner with Joel and Julie last night (we see them far too infrequently!)
  3. Mom's who were willing and able to take the kids for overnights so we could go to London yesterday.
  5. a relaxing morning this morning
  6. The cute little breads my new four mini loaf pan from Pampered Chef makes
  7. my husband who loves me very much

I could say more, I'm so sure of that... but I'm a bit tired. I want to post pics of the rennovations and such this week. I am trying a new thing with balancing my time for 'work,' home stuff, ME time, and family time as well. I almost want to make a chart for it! LOL!

The kids are going to VBS this week. I'm torn about it. I want them to go and have fun, which I know they will. It's Crocodile Dock. BUT I was looking forward to NOT getting up early every day!! LOL Oh well, at least I don't have to go to school :D

Off to do some taxes, and read to the kids :D