Tuesday, June 3, 2008

We have grass!!

YAHOO!!! We have all the sod laid. Michael even cut the first stuff this afternoon. Part of the lawn looks like a golf course, the other part, not so much. We are hoping with all the rain and watering that it will catch up!! :D

I started weeding the gardens this afternoon as well. Gotta get the old lilacs pulled out, and plant some stuff from around the yard. I'm mostly container gardening with the veggies this year. I have 3 tomatoes and a pepper plant on the deck. I did plant a hill of cukes in front of the deck. I have containers with flowers - marigolds, snap dragons, dalias, gerbera daisies... I think that's it. It's coming along nicely.

Michael put the bistro table and chairs together this afternoon after cutting the lawn. They match the house so well!! It's in taupes, whites, and another colour, which I'll say is a sage green, but I forget right now. I can't wait till it's outside!! I hope we sit at it lots... with the marigolds keeping the mosquitoes at bay! :D This photo is similar to what we purchased. We had a 25$ gift card, and money on the CTC M/C so the thing was FREE!! My mom can't wait to come and play Boggle outside now :D