Sunday, November 25, 2007

Wrapping Up The HOlidays Promotion

Stampin' Up!'s new promotion called Wrapping Up The Holidays started on Friday and is good through December 15th. Here is a list of what is available and the prices. Items from the current Holiday Mini Collection listed are the only Holiday Mini items extended while supplies last. All other Holiday Mini items will be available until November 30th.

Check out the following or look at the online brochure here!!

Orders may be placed on customer and workshop orders.
This offer includes a variety of products designed to help simplify preparation for holiday gift giving with a number of timely offers. These are:
Item Number Description Price
112409 Holiday Tag Bundle $5.50
110380 Tags for All Stamp Set* (20% off) $33.56
110264 Designer Gift cards* (30% off) $6.27
109862 Chocolate Chip satin ribbon* Buy 1, get 1 free!**
109863 Purely Pomegranate satin ribbon* Buy 1, get 1 free!**
112410 Tin 3-Pack $13.50
110147 Celebration wrapping paper* $24.95
110228 Hand Selected Accents & Elements (25% off) $11.21

There is no limit to the number of items you may purchase, but Holiday Mini items are available only while supplies last.

The Holiday Tag Bundle includes 15 of each of the following pieces:

* Whisper White card stock

* Real Red textured card stock

* Soft Sky Prints Designer Series Paper (Dotted Diamond pattern)

* Real Red twill tape

The pieces for this bundle make 15 cellophane bag toppers that are perfect for neighbor or teacher gifts. These pieces are from the Holiday Glitz card kit.

The satin ribbon offer (buy one, get one free) is good on both the Purely Pomegranate and Chocolate Chip ribbon. You may select any combination of ribbon for your free ribbon. For example, you can buy one Chocolate Chip and choose a second Chocolate Chip or a Purely Pomegranate ribbon for the free ribbon.

The Tin 3-Pack contains three empty Accents & Elements tins. These tins have never been available for purchase separately.I'll be placing orders through out this promotion so please let me know if there is anything I can get for you!

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And Remember, until November 30th, there is still FREE shipping!

Thursday, November 22, 2007


I woke this morning, too early... but the tink tink tink on my bedroom window woke me!! Freezing rain. Ugh. Yucko. But it had snow mixed in!! Snow, this early... so strange. I got the kids snowsuits out (which we have been graciously freecycled!)... but JA was too sick to go to school today :( Sore throat, fever, etc. *sigh* So I got Zachary into all his winter finery (ok, so his hat was really Sophia's! LOL) and got him off to school. It was wet snow. But this afternoon, JA was feeling some better (meds really work wonders!), and all three kids went out to play for half an hour. We still have a mountain of leaves to bag up... ick.

So I'm tracking the weather all the time now...watching for snow, temps, and wether Mike is done with riding for the year. Should be fun!!

Way to Go Julie-Anna!!

So we got a Sleep Cheap room for next Thursday night. We were happy to just have an indoor pool in November!! It was going to be a great surprise for the kids.

However, a local radio station EZ Rock has a Kids Korner contest every morning at 7:40. We have been trying for a long time to get a win on the contest... some I just don't even try for (like Hillary Duff concert tickets), but lots of the others we do! The month of November has them giving away Family Passes/overnight stay at Great Wolf Lodge! So she FINALLY got through on Tuesday morning. The question was "What is a pool rule?" She of course said "No running on the deck!!" So we won family time!! It starts with a pizza party put on by Pizza Hut Express, then waterpark passes for all of us... overnight accomodations, breakfast broadcast on Friday morning (It's a PA day!), and waterpark passes for Friday too! WHOO HOOO!! We are all super excited! WAY TO GO JA!!!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Sickness abounds

Ugh... now Mike and I have sore throats. It sucks rocks.

On another, way more positive note, I rejoinedCurves today!! I went for a free workout. I forgot how much I enjoyed it when I went! Now that the kids are older, no more nursing babies, etc... I have more time to go! I am super excited about it, AND I have friends who also joined, so we can work out together!!

Monday, November 5, 2007

So so tired

Poor Zachary has been sick for 3+ days now. He missed school today. He is sleeping well now though, so that is a total answer to prayer! It was a rough night on Saturday - so thankful for the time change, and the extra hour we got to 'sleep' sorta!! :D Hopefully the boy is ready to go back to school tomorrow. I know I am!! Thankfully, he's not a complainer, and his appetite has been pretty OK during this whole episode. I hate seeing my boy sick (or any kids sick!).

Sunday, November 4, 2007

It's a murder, it's a mystery!

It's a murder mystery! Michael and I went out for a super fantastic evening on Friday. It was a Murder Mystery fundraiser for North End Co-Op PreSchoolwhere Sophia goes (and Z went last year). Wow, we had such a goooooood time!! The food was fantastic, the company at our table was fun, and the murder mystery company was excellent! We'll def. do that again I think!

Friday, November 2, 2007

I missed posting JA's birthday

So here are a few photos from her day!

I made this castle cake (thanks for the instructions Mahlah!) It took FIVE 8" square cakes. I used only 4. It was fun, but wow, that was a LOT of cake!

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She got lots of great gifts - Polly Pocket Pets, a 20$ gift card from Wal Mart, game, books, a mermaid puzzle, a pack of gum, teddy bear, Bratz doll, and a few other things I cannot recall at this time! LOL!

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We had a girly party. The girls all made blue glass bead necklaces, and we made the loot bags. We stamped the fronts and backs (made of cardstock), then stamped a crown and cut it out, then glittered it up! The girls had lots of fun. We served pizza, chocolate milk and of course, LOTS of cake! LOL! The girls each made their own 'circle' pizzas (english muffins!), and Mike kept them all straight so each kid got her own!

So, my baby is 7. Seven?! How did that happen!?! She's in grade two. She's growing up too fast!!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Hallowe'en with the Beaudry's!

Just a few photos of the kids, and our Jack-o-Lanterns. We had a great time trick or treating though!! Lots of good treats (even tho Zachary's can of Orange Crush got a hole in it, and now he's got the cleanest candy this side of the factory!).

JA was a fairy - wore her flower girl dress and pink wings, with glitter around her eyes. (She was already chilly when we left home, so had her coat on for the photo shoot!). Her hair was done up like Barbie in The Island Princess movie.

Zachary was Superman. Mike kept telling him to smile for the photo, and he kept yelling "I AM smiling Daddy!!!" Rolling Eyes at Mike for being so goofy! The mask didn't last long, as it was bugging his eyes, I think it was too close to his face! LOL!

Sophia was Cinderella, also adorned with glitter!

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We also carved a couple of pumpkins. JA and Michael scooped them out (I still gotta roast the seeds, YUM!).

JA designed this one (I was telling someone it was a cyclops, and she corrected me "Mommy!! It's only got one eye, remember?!" LOL).

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Zachary picked this design. Mike is getting better at his carving every year. A guy down the street is VERY good at it... so we might have a 'carve off' one day! LOL!

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He can ride a TWO WHEELER!!

So Zachary learned to ride a two-wheeler this weekend. He's 4 1/2. Oh it was a chore this summer, he just REFUSED to even try!! So when I suggested it on Friday, Michael said "I am taking these training wheels off, and NOT putting them back on!" Well, Zachary just seemed to have ZERO balance. Michael thought he'd never get it. LOL Then he rode about 5 feet on his own before he realized nobody was holding his hood!! :D

So after lunch, he was eager to try again. WOW, he got on, and off he went!! It took a few days to get used to starting himself, but he's a pro now! It's awesome to ride to school to pick up JA, as he is quick as a bunny, and doing so well!

Here are a few photos of him riding, free and clear!

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We are so proud!