Thursday, November 22, 2007


I woke this morning, too early... but the tink tink tink on my bedroom window woke me!! Freezing rain. Ugh. Yucko. But it had snow mixed in!! Snow, this early... so strange. I got the kids snowsuits out (which we have been graciously freecycled!)... but JA was too sick to go to school today :( Sore throat, fever, etc. *sigh* So I got Zachary into all his winter finery (ok, so his hat was really Sophia's! LOL) and got him off to school. It was wet snow. But this afternoon, JA was feeling some better (meds really work wonders!), and all three kids went out to play for half an hour. We still have a mountain of leaves to bag up... ick.

So I'm tracking the weather all the time now...watching for snow, temps, and wether Mike is done with riding for the year. Should be fun!!

Way to Go Julie-Anna!!

So we got a Sleep Cheap room for next Thursday night. We were happy to just have an indoor pool in November!! It was going to be a great surprise for the kids.

However, a local radio station EZ Rock has a Kids Korner contest every morning at 7:40. We have been trying for a long time to get a win on the contest... some I just don't even try for (like Hillary Duff concert tickets), but lots of the others we do! The month of November has them giving away Family Passes/overnight stay at Great Wolf Lodge! So she FINALLY got through on Tuesday morning. The question was "What is a pool rule?" She of course said "No running on the deck!!" So we won family time!! It starts with a pizza party put on by Pizza Hut Express, then waterpark passes for all of us... overnight accomodations, breakfast broadcast on Friday morning (It's a PA day!), and waterpark passes for Friday too! WHOO HOOO!! We are all super excited! WAY TO GO JA!!!