Thursday, October 16, 2008

Confessions Of A CF Husband: The Latest

Confessions Of A CF Husband: The Latest

Pray for Tricia!

There's a blog I follow. I have been following it for many, many months now. I don't know this awesome family personally, I feel like I do. He is so forthcoming about their struggles with a micro-preemie baby, undergoing double lung transplant surgery (Tricia), and now Tricia is struggling with PTLD, which is a form of cancer that is sometimes found in post-transplant patients. I won't say much more, as Nate says it so much better and from the depths of his heart.

Here is the latest post from Confessions of a CF Husband:

Tricia's PET Scan (Monday morning) shows that the chemo has done very little to affect her PTLD, and, in fact, some of the spots in her lungs have grown, and the lymphoma has possibly spread to a lymph node in her chest (outside of her lungs). They are stopping the current R-CHOP treatment, since it is obviously not doing her any good, and performed another biopsy on Tuesday morning.

That is literally all we know at this point. We arrived home late last night. We should hear back from Duke later this week about what the biopsy shows and what they recommend next.

We are very discouraged as we very distinctly recall the cancer doc telling us a few months ago, "If this treatment doesn't work, Tricia is in serious trouble..."


If you pray, please do so. Please ask your friends and family to do so. This family, among many many many families I realize, needs us to hold them up in prayer to the God who brings all comfort and healing!

Thanks everyone :)