Thursday, March 27, 2008

5 Little Monkey's

So my mom brought over a new book for Sophia. "Five Little Monkey's." I'm sure you are all familiar with the song "5 little monkey's jumping on the bed, one fell off and bumped his head. Mama called the Dr. and the Dr. Said... NO MORE MONKEY'S JUMPING ON THE BED!" She thought it was the best thing ever. Mom had to read it at least 3 times before supper! So then MOm started to leave off words...

Mom: Mama called the...
Sophia: DOCTOR!!
Mom: and the Doctor said...
Sophia: hello! (of course, isn't that what you say when you answer the phone?!!LOL)
Mom: and then he said ...
Sophia: No more monkey's jumping on the bed!

And ANOTHER reading produced this:

Mom: Mama called the...
Sophia: DOCTOR!!
Mom: and the Doctor said...
Sophia: hello! (of course, isn't that what you say when you answer the phone?!!LOL)
Mom: and then he said ...
Sophia: bye!! (again the logic ;)

Is she really only 3.5?! LOL!)

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A big loser!!

....and that is a GOOD THING!! :D

Last night was our local TOPS group awards night. There were four awards given out, and I was the recipient of one! I was 2nd place for my division for weight loss. I lost 13.5 pounds since April 24th (till Dec 31). I recieved a beautiful vase of flowers that now sits proudly on my kitchen table. A great temporary reminder of what I have accomplished. I also received a gorgeous sterling silver rope bracelet. I love it!! I am going to wear it 24/7 to remind me of what I *CAN* accomplish!! I'd like to shout out my congratulations to Amy B., Tara G., and Janice C., on their accomplishements/awards last night. ALL the ladies (and Ed!) are doing well to attend meetings and take their health seriously!! :D

Monday, March 17, 2008

We're Home!!

Safe if not sound!! It was a relatively uneventful trip home... and the kids were AMAZING travellers! I have much to share, and lots of photos too, but we are just too darned tired to get to posting them tonite.

I've closed off my Sale-A-Bration orders, and I will make lunches and head to bed. Travelling and SITTING for 2 full days is exhausting!

I have a few new challenges for myself this week... Joy gave me a great pedometre while we were in FL, and so I'm determined to get 6K steps in a day... I'm making a longer term goal for 10K a day!! I'm back to eating breakfast daily, and drinking all my water. So far so good!! I was back to Curves today, and that felt good! Now to get back onto eating right, and we are good to go!!

The weather was OK today, but certainly not Florida! It's supposed to warm up a bit this week, so hopefully melt some of this snow! It's SUPPOSED to be Spring on Thursday..., we'll see. I think that darned Wiarton Willy LIED!!!! So much for an early Spring! I take heart though... when Michael and I got married 10 years ago, it snowed BIG TIME two weeks before our wedding. By the time the big day arrived, the snow was gone, the grass was green and the dafs were in bloom! YAY GOD! :D So I have full faith and hope that the same will be true this year (as our anniversary is in a couple of weeks!).

Ok, heading to bed... good night all! :D

Oh, check out who won prizes from my customer challenge!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Sale-A-Bration/Customer Challenge REMINDER

Sale-a-Bration is quickly drawing to a close so if you'd like to take advantage of getting FREE STAMPS with a $70 order please email me to place your order! As well, you have until Saturday evening to place your qualifying order!

To recap:
I don’t want anyone to miss out on these fantastic Sale-A-Bration Rewards! So I am sponsoring a $1000 catalogue show to allow everyone a chance to add these great sets to your collection. I am inviting YOU to participate in the BENEFITS OF BEING A HOSTESS!

Email or call me to participate! I will be checking email from Florida!

Turn in your orders to me with payments by March 15th by 5pm. We are taking a family vacation over the March Break, and I will be placing the order on Sunday, March 16th when I return. Someone will be coming by to collect the mail daily, so feel free to leave payments in the mailbox!!

Your name will be placed in a drawing for the Hostess Benefits of this show as follows:

Everyone Will Be A Winner!

1) 3 winners will each receive one 8.5 x 11 assorted cardstock your choice of colour family
2) 3 winners will each receive a Sale-A-Bration reward of your choice
3) 1 winner will receive a Level One Hostess ONLY set of your choice
4) 1 winner will receive a Level Two Hostess ONLY set of your choice
5) 1 winner will receive a Level Three Hostess ONLY set of your choice
And the GRAND PRIZE WINNER- will receive $50 in free product of your choice!

PLUS- the individual that collects the most in sales (over and above $100) will receive $25 in free merchandise of their choice.

****Draws are based on 10-$100 catalogue orders, prizes MAY increase or decrease depending on number of individuals participating****

Special Bonus-For each booking (you will receive the gift after the qualifying booking is held) must be on my calendar and held by April 30th, 2007 – you will receive a $5.00 gift certificate. ****Host a $450 workshop between March 18 and April 30, and earn an EXTRA $35 in hostess awards!****

All orders must be received with payment by March 15th 2007. It is your responsibility to hand these into me. Delivery takes 10-14 days from order date.

Form of payment accepted: cash, cheque or PayPal


Monday, March 10, 2008

Oh Happy Day!

We have made it to Florida! 25 hours in the van, 7 states, one overnight in a hotel, LOTS of fog on Friday (beats snow any day!), and incredible winds on Saturday. We are having a great great time! :D

A brief overview... we went to church on Sunday, broke our own 'cardinal rule' and went shopping as well. We went to church Sunday night as well. It was a nice relatively relaxing day :D

Today we went to Silver Springs! That was a lot of fun... I will detail our trip later, but just wanted to blog for a few while away. Remind me about the 'happy giraffes' at SS.. The kids were super excited to see alligators and crocodiles, flamingos, neat birds, bears, ride a few rides, glass bottom boats, alligator fish called Alligator Gars, jeep rides, and all sorts of fun things :D

We hear there is an amazing amount of snow on the ground at home... but we've sent some sunshine, and hope that it's mostly melted by the time we return!! We've got a busy day ahead going to Crecent Beach, on Wed we'll head to Manitee Springs and Awana, and on Thursday Joy, JA and I are doing a Scrapbook Shop and Hop!!! WHOOOOHOOO!!

From sunny and warm short wearing Florida....

Friday, March 7, 2008

Off and running

....and pretty much ON TIME!! WHOOOHOOO!! Next post will be from Florida!! :D

Thursday, March 6, 2008

I've lost a foot!!

Ok, not a foot off the bottom of my leg... but 12 inches!! YIPPEE!! I zipped into Curves this morning (thanks Mom!) just to get weighed and measured. I only lost 1lb for the month of Feb, but I did lose 2.25 this week for TOPS! YAHOO!! So I've lost approx 3 inches in Feb. That bring my total to one foot! There's one foot less of me! YIPPEE!!! It was worth going!

We are packing up today to head to FLA in the morning. Leaving at 4am. I think we are crazy. I think I'm going to have an anxiety attack getting ready. I think I won't sleep well. Pray I sleep well, and that we get to bed early tonite!!

I have a to do list today, here, in no particular order:

Wow, I'm getting a lot accomplished! I think I should make lists more often!! :D
  • get weighed and measured
  • bake chocolate chips to take with us
  • get the gas gauge checked on the van
  • find JA's bathing suit YIPPEE!!!
  • fold laundry
  • put laundry in dryer
  • make lunch
  • make supper
  • pack MY clothes
  • pack up the food/drinks/snacks for tomorrow
  • take middle seat out of van
  • pick movies for the trip
  • give children baths
  • have a shower - It will have to wait for the hotel tonite! LOL!
  • clear out fridge of food that will spoil
  • get the cat ready to go to Nanny's (let the cat in first!)
  • make Thank you Cards for John and Mahlah
  • pick some scrappy stuff to take with me

I think that's it... THAT'S IT?! LOL!!

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