Friday, July 18, 2008

A Quick Update!

So this past Tuesday, JA headed to the trailer for 13 days with Mike's Mom. I whipped her up a little note card for each day with a little message for her. She's called home twice. We miss her. A lot. She'll be home next Sunday... many sleeps away yet!! It was hard for me to let her go... she is only 7 after all!! She's having a great time though - feeding chipmunks, bunking with her two older cousins (Ricky aged almost 12, and Jessica just turned 10), and swimming... lots of swimming!! Apparently last night she roasted 4 marshmallows - 2 were PERFECT GOLDEN, and 2 she burned! LOL! I can't wait to hear more about her trip!

So today... today was Michael's last day at the old job. 10+ years of the same place. He starts his new job on Monday. It's an exciting time in our lives!! There's a bit of turmoil going on at the new shop with the changing of the shifts... and it's not making me a happy camper - however, it did lead to my floor in the kitchen/dining room getting EXTREMELY well cleaned! LOL!

I will have pics to share later...