Saturday, February 23, 2008


I don't know how much more crisis I can survive, even if it's not my own personal crisis, I do seem to take it on as my own...

As most are aware, thru my blog, or because you are my friend... we lost our good friend's father/fil two weeks ago. It's awful. It was so fast. He was so young. Thankfully, he is now with Jesus!! His funeral was amazing, the Gospel presented well, and lots of great memories shared by all. God is good.

We came home from the funeral to the news that our elderly neighbour had died the night before. She was not saved. I am deeply grieved for that. I am grieved that I did not do more to show Jesus to her. I need to work on this!

Today we learned that our good friend (who shall remain nameless for now) was taken to Hamilton for emergency brain surgery (which will take place either tonite or tomorrow morning sometime). He had a spot on his brain. A spot of what? I don't know. I have no details. I mean really, do you just walk into the doctor and say "can you just check my brain today, I think something is not right!" We just got another phone call saying it's a tumour. They think it's malignant. That's the bad kind. He's a paramedic. He takes good care of himself. He was in the process of phasing out plastics in his life to avoid this kind of crap. He has two little boys and a lovely wife. His dad just had his own battle with the monster known as cancer. I have no details. I await further confirmation from the family.

Life is not fair. Nobody said it was. And still, God is good.

Blog spam?!

What is up with that?! Ugh. I've got two comments in my post about Zachary's birthday... SPAM!! One is a lovely comment from my friend Joan, though, so that's good :D Thanks Joan!! :) *J*O*A*N* is a fun blog to read...