Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The start of the field trips!

Today I went with Zachary's pre-school to Avondale Dairy! They got a tour of the barn, the milking room, learned how they make ice-cream, had a hotdog, chocolate milk and a little ice-cream cone! I was not the duty parent today, so I was able to bring Sophia. Poor girl... she was terrified to get on the school bus (but after getting ON, she was quite happy to be riding the 'cool buh!' She was also petrified of the cows... which I totally understand. She's soooo small, the cows are SOOOOO BIG!! The cows in the milking area are huge, and only about 1-2 feet away from where you stand to walk thru the barn! No wonder some of the kids were scared! We saw the newborns, and older calfs as well. It's a fun trip for sure. I went last year with JA's kindy class.

Tomorrow is another trip... to Zooz with JA's class. I can't bring the kids, so Zachary is spending the day with his buddy Parker, and Sophia is spending the day with Grampa :)

I have photos to share, but they aren't uploaded yet!!

I'll have to update on tomorrow's field trip, and Zachary's pre-school graduation ceremony tomorrow night!! :D