Friday, August 29, 2008

Not today!!

So I awoke at 5:07am when Michael got up for work. Normally I head right back to dreamland. Not today. Ugh. I laid around, praying, thinking, for about an hour. So I got up, hit the bathroom, and came back to bed. I read for an hour. So now it's close to 7. I finally fall back to sleep and the two younger children wake up. Ugh. JA is out sleeping at her friends house, so only two kiddies to deal with :)

While I was awake the first hour, I hear Sophia coughing with this nasty nasty dry cough. It's only getting worse as the day progresses. WHY!? Why today... this weekend. We are heading to London for Michael's brothers wedding. Two nights in a hotel. It's not conducive to sleeping for the children in the first place! LOL! So I guess I'll stock up on echinacea suckers and motrin, and tylenol cold for kids. *sigh* It will be a great weekend away! :D