Wednesday, December 10, 2008

God is BEYOND amazing!

I just have to say... :)

Just a few updates:

Michael did NOT get the job he interviewed for last week (or the week before I guess!). He did get a letter saying that they liked what they heard and saw, but there just isn't work for him right now. So we are looking again. Things may perk up after Christmas!

We had a fabulous trip to Muskoka to visit with my brother and his two kids. We go every year at this time to celebrate the kids birthdays. THey have a luge run in the back yard, and I will post pics when I take them off the camera! It's amazing!! I will write more about that later too.

GOD IS BEYOND AMAZING, and that is what I have to say about that!! We have been so truly blessed these past weeks since losing our source of income! EI has kicked in, and with good budgeting skills, we'll be OK! BUT that is not all!! Oh not that is not all! We have had so many unexpected blessings dropped into our lives, that it just brings me to tears... for fear of singling anyone out, I will have to leave it at that, but WOW GOD.... I can't even be thankful enough!!

I will sh are photos later today I hope! I have 3 hours to myself this afternoon to get caught up on Christmas card/ornament orders, make some more, and enjoy the quiet... perhaps I'll watch drivel on TV or put on some Christmas music...

Have a blessed day!