Sunday, June 29, 2008

It's just a house, right??


So my Mom is moving tomorrow. After 35 years in that house. 2/3 of my life was spent in that house. I grew up in that house. Learned to drive there. Had my first sleepover there. My kids slept over there. So many memories, so much time... so much attachment. Someone please remind me that it's just a house. My memories aren't going anywhere... just that Mom is. She isn't going far. I had two major requirements for her to move - yes, I had to do it ;) Anyway, I wanted her to still live within biking distance (right now she lives only a few blocks away) and she had to get a condo with a pool! Well, when the kids are a bit bigger and have more stamina, we can still ride there. It's only about 8 minutes away by car. Not bad. She did get a condo with a pool. Altho she met the criteria I had set forth (and no, that wasn't her reason for buying her condo! LOL!)

So tomorrow morning while I am taking 5 kids to swim lessons, my brother will be out getting the moving truck, Mom will be at home packing up the last minute things and getting herself together for the big move. She will enjoy those last hours just her and the house, her memories and her belongings. After lunch her home will move, and her house will stay. For where your heart is there your home is also.

The change will be good. Settling into her new home will be good. I just don't always do well with change, and this is a doozy.

I have slowly been bringing her 'home' here... a piece of furniture, some memorabilia, and lots of flowers from the garden!! Tomorrow I plan to dig up the last stuff - my Great Grandmother's Wild Roses (aka Nanny!), some chrysanthemums she transplanted from my friend's place a few years back (thanks Sharon!), and some raspberries, because I cannot stand the thought of actually having to BUY them... and now at least Mom can enjoy her raspberries without having to care for them. My brother is intending to get some berries too! LOL!

The kids picked some berries today, probably the last we'll get from this year's crop. Tomorrow night someone else will be enjoying them.

Ok, I gotta stop here, as the tears are falling fast and furious. I can't go thru the day with puffy eyes and a headache tomorrow!

I'll post moving day photos, the old homestead and the new condo... the friends and family... the new home. If you see me, I'm always ready for a hug. I know I'll need some!