Friday, September 25, 2009

Birthday Party Madness!

Ok, so it had to be coming... and it has come. All three children have a birthday party this weekend!! YIKES!

Sophia is heading to Lily's party tonightat 6, at the community centre. The other two will stay home with us and have a movie and homemade pizza :)

Tomorrow afternoon Zachary's is heading to Ethan's for his party at 2:30. Ethan's birthday is really in August, but his wise Mother put off the party until they were all established in school and friends were determined! :) Great idea Tammy!!

Tomorrow at 5 I am hosting JA's friend here for her birthday party. Again, Emily's birthday is really at the begining of September, but her wise mother also puts it off till school is in routine and friendships are established. So I'm hosting the party you ask?! Yes! Emily wanted a crafty party, so I'm doing my first one as a 'job'! We are making hangingbulletin boards, and a cute little purse :) Should be loads of fun. Stay tuned for photos!!