Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Toilet training

We are toilet training Sophia. I hate this part of childhood. The other two kids really clicked when we began the training... Sophia is a child of a different nature I tell ya!! UGH. This morning for instance, she sat on the toilet for a few mins... then we went to the living room, and I was getting out a piece of homemade raisin bread for breakfast. You guessed it, she peed on the wing back chair. It hadn't even been two full mins since our trip to the toilet!! MAN.

Michael took Zachary to Marineland this morning, for something fun to do since JA is not here this week. We've been at the pool park for 6 hours in two days... and we are heading back there this afternoon! If it doesn't rain and be nasty that is! My friend is joining us with her son, so it should be a great time!

Tonite I hope to scrapbook some. Or perhaps I will organize all my photos that are saved on the computer... I need a system. Do you have one?!?

Gotta run, check on toilet training girl! LOL!

Just blogging away :)

I am motivated by Holly to blog ten entries in the month of August. Today is my 4th entry. I have stuff to share from our trip to Muskoka (more to share I should say!), our camping trip, a week without Julie-Anna here, and our upcoming trip to the trailer! She's also challenged us to scrap one blog entry. So I will be scrappin' the Muskoka trip soon!! LOL!

Ugh... toilet training... I'll save that for a new entry ;) LOL