Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Ok, so it's time for an update!

I have been asked if I have abandoned this blog.  Um, not intentionally... as I've been concentrating on my Stampin' Up! paper crafting blog :)  I'm also trying to really get moving on my business, and so have been doing things at this site as well!  Check them out if you want.

Oh, April 19 was my last update... not a whole lot to tell.... but I'll nutshell it, and then aim to update here on a more regular basis... a little comment love would help, a little proding reminder might go a long way too :D

Since I last wrote, the kids have finished up AWANA!

Since I last wrote we have been to Ottawa for our annual trip to visit the Lavoie family :)  Lots of fun was had going to church, 2 bar-b-ques, playing with friends, meeting new friends, swimming outside, getting eaten alive by mosquitoes, and just an all around great time! :)  I will post pictures later, as they are still on the camera.

Before we left, we had a tree fall in the backyard.  Great.  So we've been dealing with that for a couple of weeks.   Hopefully today will see the end of that nastiness!

This past weekend we went to The Americana indoor waterpark.  A few weeks ago, Miss Sophia won a family 'trip' on Jack and Lori's Kids Korner on the radio.  So we enjoyed a pizza party, a fun room, lots and lots and LOTS of swimming, water slides, and good fun :)  We are still tired! LOL

JA had her piano recital this past Sunday afternoon.  She did SO well!!!  The confidence she has is amazing sometimes :)

I have pics to share, but for now, I have to edit them, and no time right this minute!

Thanks for stopping by :)