Thursday, December 18, 2008

16 Inches! WOW!

So my sweet darling JA has been asking since mid August to have her hair cut again. The last time she did it (April 2006, she was 5.5) she donated 18 inches of hair in a braid. We were giving it to Wigs For Kids. She wanted to do it again. I delayed in making the appointment (not sure why now, it's so much easier this way!). Finally, on Thursday December 4th, we had an appointment. We went to the salon right after school. She was giddy with excitement!! It took FOREVER to brush thru her hair to make it usable! After that, Natalia sectioned it off and braided it into four skinny braids.

After that, she started cutting!! If you look closely in the mirror in the photo, you'll see the biggest smiles on JA!!

They measured the braids after they were cut off... and it was 16 inches!! WOW! I was amazed that her hair grew so fast in just 2.5 years! The staff in the salon remembered her, and she felt like a celebrity! LOL!

She got her hair washed, cut, and styled. She turned into a little Diva for a few days, constantly flipping her hair around!! It has been SO much easier to take care of... and she's already planning to grow and donate her hair again! Sophia will go next time... the first thing Sophia said when JA came home "I didn't get my hair cut!!" And pouted. LOL! Next time baby girl, next time!

(and yes... Mommy cried when they cut her braids off... I'm not always a big fan of change, and WOW the heart of my little girl!!)

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