Friday, August 29, 2008

Not today!!

So I awoke at 5:07am when Michael got up for work. Normally I head right back to dreamland. Not today. Ugh. I laid around, praying, thinking, for about an hour. So I got up, hit the bathroom, and came back to bed. I read for an hour. So now it's close to 7. I finally fall back to sleep and the two younger children wake up. Ugh. JA is out sleeping at her friends house, so only two kiddies to deal with :)

While I was awake the first hour, I hear Sophia coughing with this nasty nasty dry cough. It's only getting worse as the day progresses. WHY!? Why today... this weekend. We are heading to London for Michael's brothers wedding. Two nights in a hotel. It's not conducive to sleeping for the children in the first place! LOL! So I guess I'll stock up on echinacea suckers and motrin, and tylenol cold for kids. *sigh* It will be a great weekend away! :D

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I love this song, and the presentation is amazing!

Monday, August 25, 2008

So more about Accountability

I was just reading a blog post by my friend Coralie where she reviewed a good book. I'm linking back to her post for two reasons - I can win a copy of this book, and I can't do it justice to summarize her words about the impact this book had on her. Please check it out! The title of the book is Wild Goose Chase. I'll include a photo here to peek your interests!

As for the accountability thing... I have been doing very well. I have a couple of friends who check in occasionally (I'd love it if more did that! LOL!). It is life changing for sure!! But more on that later. I have pictures to share (when they get off the camera and are resized!)... and updates to share as well! :D

Sunday, August 17, 2008

name that spider

Can you tell me what this is?! I don't like these unwanted, unwelcome, TOTALLY DID NOT INVITE YOU INTO OUR HOME visitors!!!

Photobucket Photobucket

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Camping Calamity!!

So we went camping this past weekend. We stayed local, and went to Jellystone in Niagara Falls. Let's just say that we agreed it's probably the last time we'll go there. ...and it had nothing to do with the weather! LOL!

So it rained, and rained and rained. Then it rained some more. And then some more. We did manage to stay pretty dry tho, so that was nice. Our wonderful friends blessed us with an awesome kitchen tent... screened in, had wind flaps on all 4 sides, but one side we poled up to make an awning. It kept us dry!! It kept our stuff dry!! We ate DRY!! LOL!

The kids had fun. There were crafts, colouring, wagon rides, and activities for the children, and sometimes for the family. We did swim a little. The kids and Michael went mini-golfing. We got pictures with Yogi Bear.

Zachary had a big accident on a pedal cart, or rather UNDER it... he's pretty banged up, but he's fine. It was TERRIFYING for us though!

I'll have pictures to share later today, as they are still on the camera!!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Thunder, Lightening and Soccer...

They just really do not mix. Period. The coaches manual even says that the games go ahead in RAIN... but as soon as there is ONE boom of thunder and/or one crack of lightening, the game is to be called. Makes perfect sense. Apparently, they don't always teach their TWELVE YEAR OLD referees how to make these kinds of life altering decisions. :roll:

So we get to soccer (Zachary's) for 5:30, and the clouds look menacing. My friend (another soccer mom) who took some meteoroligy classes in uni., said "oh, those are thunder clouds, no mistaking it!" But the game started, as there had been no lights or sounds.

Fast forward about 1.5 minutes. boom...... Boom.... BOom.... BOOOOM! Along with that came sheet and bolts of lightening. The game goes on. UM NO!! The 12 year old who has reffed for only 3 weeks simply doesn't make the call. The parents are kinda wondering. A couple parents start pulling their kids off the field. I try to be one, but Zachary doesn't pay attention, or can't hear me. Let's give him the benefit of the doubt! LOL!

I then step in. I'm not the coach, but Michael is. I tell him "YOU get out there and call this game, RIGHT NOW!" For Pete's sake (man he takes a lot that Pete!)... CALL THE FREAKIN' GAME!! I get the attention of the other two coaches and tell them the rules state, you know it, now get out there and get that kid to call the game. They talk to him, he says "I will defer to you as coaches." COP OUT. So *I* call the game! LOL! Then the ref does, and the other teams coaches agree that it's not safe. WELL DUH! The other game going on beside us continues, but when they see OUR game is over, they call theirs too.

That isn't the end!! LOL A parent from the other team is like "oh come on, this is ridiculous!" She was pissed for them calling the game!! I turned to her and said "it's only ridiculous until YOUR child, or another child or adult gets struck by lightening. It won't be so ridiculous then. It's in the coaches handbooks, the game is called on account of lightening." She just miffed at me. :eyeroll: Honestly... really!?? The 'storm' continued for a while... so the game would have been called anyway!

NOW we are off to JA's game, and see how it goes! LOL!