Monday, April 7, 2008


That's how many steps the pedometer says I took today!! 3906 of them were 'aerobic' apparently! :D :D :D I burned 500 calories, and walked nearly 6km today. I did get to Curves today as well!

The weather was fantastic today, so I got in a few walks. Zachary spent the afternoon with his buddy, so we walked him over (Zachary and Sophia rode their bikes, Michael and I walked). Then Sophia rode her bike while I walked to school to pick up Julie-Anna. That's where I got the aerobic steps in! We picked up JA, her little friend, walked to her friend's house, picked up the friend's little sister, and went to the park, then mosey'd do another park! It was great!!

Tomorrow the weather is proving to be more of the same, so we'll ride/walk again, and hopefully I'll get lots of steps in there too!!

Mike is taking his bike in for a tune up, gearing up for the riding season! WHOOOHOOO!!!

On that note, however, it has come to our attention that Zachary really and truly needs a new bike. Ugh... he's growing like a weed!!! His clothes are getting too small, his bike is too small... will it ever end?! My Mom commented the other day that we will always need a van, just to get the groceries home for the kids!! :D