Saturday, October 4, 2008

Hannah Montana is in the house! our house, on a cake that is!! :D It was JA's birthday party today. She opted to have a pampering/Hannah party. So the girls paired up and painted each others toe nails, then decorated with nail art things. We had fruit smoothies, a fruit tray with dip (which they devoured nearly the entire thing!!), cake, and presents! We had a great great time, altho the house did smell like nail polish for too long!!

I made this cake. My friend does cake decorating as a side business, so she made me this icing sheet. I put on decorative sugar sprinkles, and some edible glitter on the top border. The kids loved it! It tasted pretty darned good too :D

Here's a few photos of the big event :) I didn't take nearly enough :( Michael took the little kids to his Mom's for the duration of the party... so I was busy doing everything and not taking photos :(


So it's JA's birthday on Tuesday. I'll post about that later. She has been bugging and bugging for over 2 years to get her ears pierced. So one day last Feb or Mar I said "Ok, for your birthday, you can get them pierced." She's gonna be eight I reasoned... she can take care of them. I was really hoping that she'd forget!! She didn't. So off we went to Ardene's at the Fairview Mall yesterday, straight from school. She was such a trooper... picking out some nice blue earrings (of course... what other colour is there?!), sitting so still, and BAM, it was done!! Here's a few photos from the big event! :)

Waiting to get her ears pierced.

prepping the ears

all marked and ready for action!

a double shot!

Ok, Mommy, now take my picture!

...but let me check myself out first!

Blue, of course... what other choice was there?! :)