Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Zachary!!

Wow, my baby boy is FIVE today! I can hardly believe that just 5 years ago, we had only the wee JA. I remember a few weeks before Zachary was born, that Mike and I were relaxing on the couch... and JA toddled in. I said "are we crazy to do this again!?" I was thinking that JA could do almost everything for herself... and here we were starting all over from scratch. Of course we weren't crazy, we are parents! Zachary was a BIG baby (10lb .5oz) and he has stayed big!! He's among the tallest in his class at school and in Sunday School. He's active, and cannot wait to start playing soccer this year!

We had a little friends party for him on Saturday. He had a lot of fun! I made a Lightning McQueen cake which was a huge hit! We played Pin the logo on the L McQ poster, the kids spent a bit of time colouring some Cars pages, they made their own 'wheel' pizzas on english muffins, and Michael hid a bunch of puzzle pieces around the living room, and the kids found them and assembled the puzzle :) The kids were quite well behaved, which was such a blessing!! :)