Friday, December 19, 2008


Well, half a day anyway!! Threats of a winter storm last night, so when it was snowing and blowing this morning, they canceled bus runs. No matter, I was driving the kids in anyway, as I was helping in the kindy class and participating in the carol sing etc. Yesterday afternoon I made chocolate dipped marshmallows for treats for school. YUMMY! So I wanted to take those in (cuz really, how many can you eat yourself???). The snow got worse. And worse.

Just before kindy let out at 11:30, the school board made the call to close the schools. YIPPEE!! There's a TONNE of snow on the ground, a tonne still falling, it's blocking our front door in (Michael will have to shovel his way IN to the house I am thinking!), and blowing like crazy!!

I want to take pictures but the camera battery is dead. UGH. I think the charger is IN THE VAN OUTSIDE>.. so, um, NO! LOL!

I will get pics later tho :)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

16 Inches! WOW!

So my sweet darling JA has been asking since mid August to have her hair cut again. The last time she did it (April 2006, she was 5.5) she donated 18 inches of hair in a braid. We were giving it to Wigs For Kids. She wanted to do it again. I delayed in making the appointment (not sure why now, it's so much easier this way!). Finally, on Thursday December 4th, we had an appointment. We went to the salon right after school. She was giddy with excitement!! It took FOREVER to brush thru her hair to make it usable! After that, Natalia sectioned it off and braided it into four skinny braids.

After that, she started cutting!! If you look closely in the mirror in the photo, you'll see the biggest smiles on JA!!

They measured the braids after they were cut off... and it was 16 inches!! WOW! I was amazed that her hair grew so fast in just 2.5 years! The staff in the salon remembered her, and she felt like a celebrity! LOL!

She got her hair washed, cut, and styled. She turned into a little Diva for a few days, constantly flipping her hair around!! It has been SO much easier to take care of... and she's already planning to grow and donate her hair again! Sophia will go next time... the first thing Sophia said when JA came home "I didn't get my hair cut!!" And pouted. LOL! Next time baby girl, next time!

(and yes... Mommy cried when they cut her braids off... I'm not always a big fan of change, and WOW the heart of my little girl!!)

Mom to 3 winner of blog candy

I haven't heard from you since I made the draw. I click your name in the comments, but it doesn't give me an email or any way to contact you!

If I do not hear back from her by noon on Friday, I will draw another winner!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Winners!!

ROSE can you please email me at beaudrybunch at cogeco dot ca ( if that links up!) YOU WON A GROOVY PET!!! Please email me your snail mail address so I can get your pet to you asap!! :)

Thanks for playing along!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Groovy Girls Blog Candy!

ETA: A few have emailed me saying they have nobody to give the doll/pet to! If you want to enter, feel free, and then donate it to a family in need, or your local food bank, or somewhere that is collecting new toys for Christmas!! :)

So I thought I'd like to share the wealth, so to speak. Last month when we won the Groovy Girls I wondered what I would do with all those dolls and pets!! I donated a pet and a girl to the Port Weller School Winter Wonderland raffle table. I am keeping a girl and a pet for each of my daughters for Christmas. That leaves me with 5 dolls and 2 pets! I am keeping some to use as birthday gifts... and I thought I would do a giveaway for a Groovy Girl and a Groovy Pet!! The best thing about these dolls is that they are the RSVP dolls! They come with a tag that has a code for going online to play games, change their clothes, and have oodles of clean fun! Check them out HERE to learn a little more about them, and all the cool possibilities!

I am showing a photo of a random girl and a random pet, but those might not be the ones you win!! I will have draw 2 winners on Sunday evening, and I will let the winners know. To win a Groovy Girl or Groovy Pet, please leave a comment on THIS post, to gain a 2nd entry, link back to my blog and post a SECOND comment including the link back direct link!! :D Please let me know in your comments if you would like a PET or a GIRL! :)

When I draw the winner, I will email you immediately, and if I do not hear back by Monday at noon EST, I will have to draw another winner. I"d love for you to have your Groovy Girl/Pet for Christmas!

Happy Christmas!!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

God is BEYOND amazing!

I just have to say... :)

Just a few updates:

Michael did NOT get the job he interviewed for last week (or the week before I guess!). He did get a letter saying that they liked what they heard and saw, but there just isn't work for him right now. So we are looking again. Things may perk up after Christmas!

We had a fabulous trip to Muskoka to visit with my brother and his two kids. We go every year at this time to celebrate the kids birthdays. THey have a luge run in the back yard, and I will post pics when I take them off the camera! It's amazing!! I will write more about that later too.

GOD IS BEYOND AMAZING, and that is what I have to say about that!! We have been so truly blessed these past weeks since losing our source of income! EI has kicked in, and with good budgeting skills, we'll be OK! BUT that is not all!! Oh not that is not all! We have had so many unexpected blessings dropped into our lives, that it just brings me to tears... for fear of singling anyone out, I will have to leave it at that, but WOW GOD.... I can't even be thankful enough!!

I will sh are photos later today I hope! I have 3 hours to myself this afternoon to get caught up on Christmas card/ornament orders, make some more, and enjoy the quiet... perhaps I'll watch drivel on TV or put on some Christmas music...

Have a blessed day!