Friday, December 19, 2008


Well, half a day anyway!! Threats of a winter storm last night, so when it was snowing and blowing this morning, they canceled bus runs. No matter, I was driving the kids in anyway, as I was helping in the kindy class and participating in the carol sing etc. Yesterday afternoon I made chocolate dipped marshmallows for treats for school. YUMMY! So I wanted to take those in (cuz really, how many can you eat yourself???). The snow got worse. And worse.

Just before kindy let out at 11:30, the school board made the call to close the schools. YIPPEE!! There's a TONNE of snow on the ground, a tonne still falling, it's blocking our front door in (Michael will have to shovel his way IN to the house I am thinking!), and blowing like crazy!!

I want to take pictures but the camera battery is dead. UGH. I think the charger is IN THE VAN OUTSIDE>.. so, um, NO! LOL!

I will get pics later tho :)

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