Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year!

I haven't got much to say, or show, as the pics are all still on the camera.

Michael will be gainfully employed for a few short months come Feb, so that is a HUGE blessing and provision by God! :D So in Jan he'll still search out work in his field, or in a new field, and work on the house. We'll be re-doing the front door area into a mud room... YAY! :) We might even get a fresh coat of pain on the trim work in the kitchen/living room areas, and new vinyl flooring in the kitchen as well. YIPPEE!!!

Christmas was good... lots of snow, but some rain too. A little odd in the weather department.

I've resolved nothing NEW this year... I do want to get back on track with a few things, including healthier habits eating and exercising, and SCRAPPING!! I'm going to revamp the scrapbooking area downstairs, and that starts with getting rid of a sofa, love seat and two matching tables! :D I'll start on that tonite! I joined a yahoogroup for a local scrapbook store (well, it's in St. Thomas! LOL), and they are having an organizational challenge up right now, so I will take that to heart and get started :)

Do you have anything you are resolving to do this year, or just get back to!??! Do share in the comments, and I will make a wee draw for some handmade cards for you!! :)



Margo :-) said...

I'm so glad you are posting that challenge at The Nook.... I really want to get my scraproom completed - this will help tons! :-)
Happy to see that Mike will have some employment for a bit. I know things will work out for you all!

Anna said...

Nothing new here either - I find September is more a time for new resolutions for me! But I have started knitting again - which is much more enjoyable than any old improving sort of resolution!