Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Destination Create!

Well, I was away (JUST ME!!) for the weekend to DESTINATION CREATE! It was awesome!! It was wonderful getaway with other like minded scrapbookers!

I took one class from Jen Backler, and I have to finish that project (maybe tonite?). I got 8 pages done, which I have to just put the finishing touches on two layouts (again, maybe tonite?).

I had awesome roomates (hello Sherry and Cathy!!), got a little bit of sleep, ate too much good food, and had a great great time!! BONUS is that me, Sherry and Cathy all won one of the big prizes for the weekend!! We each won an OTT LITE! It's a travel one I think they call it. No handle, but who cares!! I have wanted one of these for such a LONG time, but cannot justify the price. Now I have one!! (show below). I'm very excited to use it!!

Thanks to Patti, Elia, Barb and the team for making this such a fun fun weekend!!