Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday Seven

I'm going to try something new. I was prompted by Joan that I haven't blogged in FOREVER (or something along those looooong lines LOL). I read a blog and she does this Sunday Seven thing each week, where she posts 7 things she's been thankful for this week. So I thought that would be cool to do too!!

  1. A great day at the Stampin' Up! Regional event yesterday
  2. Dinner with Joel and Julie last night (we see them far too infrequently!)
  3. Mom's who were willing and able to take the kids for overnights so we could go to London yesterday.
  5. a relaxing morning this morning
  6. The cute little breads my new four mini loaf pan from Pampered Chef makes
  7. my husband who loves me very much

I could say more, I'm so sure of that... but I'm a bit tired. I want to post pics of the rennovations and such this week. I am trying a new thing with balancing my time for 'work,' home stuff, ME time, and family time as well. I almost want to make a chart for it! LOL!

The kids are going to VBS this week. I'm torn about it. I want them to go and have fun, which I know they will. It's Crocodile Dock. BUT I was looking forward to NOT getting up early every day!! LOL Oh well, at least I don't have to go to school :D

Off to do some taxes, and read to the kids :D