Monday, July 27, 2009

We went camping...

....and it rained. A lot. But that's OK!

So Tuesday we spent the majority of the day packing up the van. We had the car top carrier on, all sleeping gear loaded, clothes, etc. We intended to get to bed by 9:30, but did make it by 10. That in itself is amazing! LOL! We also aimed to get up and going by 4:30... which meant 5, and we were gone by 5:30. Not bad. We were aiming to avoid rush hour traffic, as we were heading north, through Toronto. We were only 20 mins from home, and we came accross a tractor trailer accident. It was crazy, the thing had crashed thru the cement median, and was at this crazy angle. I got an OK picture of it with the kids looking on in amazement.

So we got there in good time, and JA's friend K met us at the gate. I guess she had been looking for us all morning! :) We were camping with her family, altho a few camp blocks from them. WOW, they have quite the set up with their trailer and trenches and tarps. Envy did not begin to describe how we felt when it started to rain on Thursday! LOL We were camping at Mikisew Provincial Park in South River, ON. It's half way between North Bay and Huntsville. Here's JA and her friend K.

It rained ALL day on Thursday. We spent the day under the Klassen's tent, reading, kids playing, and attemping to keep a small fire going. We ended up eating supper out, as we were just desperate to be warm and dry! LOL!

We did get in several trips to the beach (Eagle Lake), which was nice. It was nice and sandy, and the water was clear and shallow. The kids had a blast! We built sandcastles, made new friends, and swam around. Every year the Klassens build a 'sand shark' in 3D, and it's very cool, but I got no photos :( They invited JA to help this year, and they made a hammer head. Love the beach! :)

We didn't get any photos of our site, but we had Lake Beaudry twice. It was nasty, but thankfully stayed away from the tent. :) The tent did leak a teeny bit, but nothing that couldn't be dealt with. Thankfully, the dining tent had no problems until the last night, at which point it rained so hard that it came in thru the seams. Michael dug lots of trenches to drain water away, and they mostly worked :)

The kids had a blast. They loved biking around and using the walkie talkies to tell us where they were etc :) We went to a little program about tadpoles that the park staff put on, and it was pretty fun and informative.

On our way home, we were privy to a double rainbow that lasted at least half an hour. It was amazing and brilliant! I was reminded how God promised not to destroy the earth by flood again... and how he keeps his promises. My heart was encouraged.

We stopped at Webers for supper on the way home. It's a unique place that has the best hamburgers going! We ate in the train car since it was still raining. The kids LOVED it!! It has been a while since we have been there, so it was a great treat :)

It was nice to come home though... to dry and warm/cool air!! I'm still up to my ears in laundry, as I have to wash all the sleeping bags, plus our clothes, and beach stuff and whatnot. Michael has the tent set up outside, hosed down, and drying out.

One last photo of Sophia hanging out at the bathroom, waiting for the girls to come out.