Thursday, November 27, 2008

Please pray for Michael!

He's got a job interview at 9:00 tomorrow morning!! YAHOO!!! The best part about it is that it's local. Ok, so maybe that isn't the BEST part, but that is certainly a perk, since we have been looking near and far (I sound like Grover! LOL!)

Thanks all! I will update when he gets home!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Excellent news about Tricia!!

I am thrilled to have this update from Nate about his dear wife Tricia!! I have been praying for them for a number of months now, and WOW God is TOTALLY amazing!!!

Check out his post to see TRICIA'S MIRACLE!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Groovy Girls!

I read some blogs. OK, so I read A LOT of blogs. Well, I have lots of blogs in my bloglines roll, but I don't read them all every day. There are a few that I do. :) One of the blogs I read daily is Because I Said So by Dawn Meehan. She is hysterical! She has 6 kids!! She is still in her right mind :) She also has another blog entitled Because I Said So Reviews as a 'spin off' to her every day blog. She's famous! Well, a lot more famous than I ever will be!! She gets invited to cool events, movie screenings, and many companies have asked her to review their product, or she has found a product she loves and shares that info with her readers. One such company is the manufacturer of Groovy Girls! They had asked Dawn to give away 3 sets of 13 dolls (well, 8 dolls and 5 Groovy Pets!). Out of 563 entrants for the contest, I WON!!! I WON!!!!!! I WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We nearly have Christmas taken care of now (YAY GOD!). So the girls will be getting some Groovy Girls for Christmas, and Zachary will get some Groovy Pets! These are from the RSVP line and are similar to webkinz in that you can go online and register them and do fun things with their rooms, and clothes and stuff. I can hardly wait to get them!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Delicious Baby!

I just heard about this site today! This is her write up about herself and her site:

"I'm Debbie, mother of two delicious kids and I write about traveling with little kids. I keep track of my favorite activites, hotels and restaraunts in my City Guides. My site also has tons of tips, including information on flying with kids and babies, favorite travel toys and jet lag solutions."

Wow, for those of us with children, and who like to travel (close and far!) this is a great place to check out! Thanks to Nancy for pointing me to her!

So, back to Delicious Baby! She's giving away a FLIP! Until today I had NEVER heard of such a thing. Oh, but now that I know, I can't wait to win it, or have Michael get a new job so we can buy one! (and of course I want a pink one!) LOL We do have some video capability with the camera we used to have (and now borrow the same version from my In Laws), but I haven't a CLUE how to edit it or get it from A to B to share it! This FLIP sounds like just the thing for me :D So go check out this post to see what it's all about!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

God is *SO* good!!

No, we haven't found a job yet. We have some leads, and we are following up on them. Tomorrow, after a quick trip in to Value Village to get him some new to him jeans, I will drop him off downtown to get the EI stuff completed while I head to the dentist (also downtown, we are so getting good at this!) and get my cracked tooth fixed. :)

But onto why God is so good! Last week Michael did some odd work for his dad, so he got paid yesterday! WHOOHOO!! Nice. Then today we went to church. Between church and Sunday School I went to check our mailbox for anything new and interesting (usually it's not so interesting - old Sunday School papers, etc). Today I took one new thing out... my eyes bugged out of my head, and I looked at Michael and started to cry (quietly, afterall there were people looking!). Someone had left us a Sobey's gift card!! On it was a little printer sticker that said "a gift card for x amount to help you out at this time!" WOW!! I was totally floored, and amazed, and WOW'd by God and the generosity of our church family!! If it was you, and you read this blog, we are ever so thankful for your beyond kindness gift! It will be put to good use, and probably saved for closer to Christmas time!! YOU ARE A BLESSING and GOD IS AMAZING!!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

So we asked you to pray

And now I will share why. The long and the short of it is that recession has his the Beaudry home. Michael lost his job last Friday due to cutbacks. God has totally been providing for our family this week tho! Michael has been able to help his Dad out every day so far (not always a full day, but work none the less!). I have been really learning (and struggling) to be extremely frugal, to avoid 'the deals', and to shop for what is necessary THIS WEEK only, and not for a rainy day. We have some job leads, Michael has put in 4-5 resumes this week in between working for his Dad and church.

It's so easy to slip into 'whiney' mode and the 'blame game' mode as well. It's nobody's fault we are without a job (well, if that one company hadn't broken their binding contract we'd still have a job!), nobody is an inefficient worker, no slackers, just really cruddy timing.

We are trusting God. The children are learning to be more frugal, and have stopped their 'we want this' 'we want that' whining. I think they get it. Most of the time. Julie-Anna had even offered some of her birthday money to buy us ketchup!! It brought a tears to my eyes that she would be so self sacrificing for our family.

It's a struggle, no question about it. God is faithful and will not abandon us in our time of need. No doubt about it. I have to remind myself of that many times a day... some days are easier, some days are not.

Please continue to pray for us.

Thank you!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Sheetload of Cards - BLOG CANDY!

WOW... what a great thing!! Check out this GIVE AWAY that's going on there!! It rocks! :D I should start doing give aways. :D

This is what you'll win, er, will share with three other winners I mean! LOL!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Americana here we come!

Whoohooo!! We're just eating lunch, packing the van, pickin' up JA from school early, and off we go! The kids have NO IDEA that we are going somewhere so fun!! If you wanna check it out, go HERE it's going to be fantastic!!

I've packed up homemade pizza, roast beef, snacks, breakfast foods, and we'll stop for some chips and buns on our way out Very Happy We'll eat out for supper tomorrow night I think, but it might end up being McD's.


Emma's Spine

Many of you know that I went to Bible College in British Columbia. I made lots of friends there, but moving back to Ontario and staying here, well, I lost touch with many of them over time. Now, because of Facebook, I am begining to find many of those friends! One of them is Corinna. She's an amazing mom of 4 kids, and wife to Keith (who's romance story is similar to mine!). Most recently she started a blog all about her daughter, Emma. Emma has scoliosis. Yesterday she underwent a grueling day long (I believe like 8 hours or more!) spinal surgery. Emma's story can be found HERE! I would like to encourage you to pray for Emma, her parents, and her other siblings. This was HUGE. GOD WAS AMAZING!! Sorry, that should read God IS amazing!! He is continuing to provide the peace and assurance that this family needs when they need it! As a mom, I am marvelling at the strength that these parents are showing!! Corinna and Keith, if you happen to be reading this, know that you are being prayed for across the country, and potentially around the world!! There is no other way to describe this, but GOD.