Sunday, November 16, 2008

God is *SO* good!!

No, we haven't found a job yet. We have some leads, and we are following up on them. Tomorrow, after a quick trip in to Value Village to get him some new to him jeans, I will drop him off downtown to get the EI stuff completed while I head to the dentist (also downtown, we are so getting good at this!) and get my cracked tooth fixed. :)

But onto why God is so good! Last week Michael did some odd work for his dad, so he got paid yesterday! WHOOHOO!! Nice. Then today we went to church. Between church and Sunday School I went to check our mailbox for anything new and interesting (usually it's not so interesting - old Sunday School papers, etc). Today I took one new thing out... my eyes bugged out of my head, and I looked at Michael and started to cry (quietly, afterall there were people looking!). Someone had left us a Sobey's gift card!! On it was a little printer sticker that said "a gift card for x amount to help you out at this time!" WOW!! I was totally floored, and amazed, and WOW'd by God and the generosity of our church family!! If it was you, and you read this blog, we are ever so thankful for your beyond kindness gift! It will be put to good use, and probably saved for closer to Christmas time!! YOU ARE A BLESSING and GOD IS AMAZING!!!


Katrina said...

Awesome! What a blessing!

•J•O•A•N• said...

very extremely cool. God is good. still praying for you guys :)

Rick said...

God is good and so are His people. Sounds like your husband got a job in the mean time? Congratulations and Merry Christmas.