Friday, February 20, 2009

I'm still here!

A few bullet points to get you over this dry patch ;)

(Hello Paddy, Anna, Joan...)

  • Zachary turned 6 on the 19th! Whoa... where did the time go!?
  • We have been up to our eyeballs in kitchen/front entryway rennos - moving a wall, jacking up the floor, taking out a bathroom and closet. Much thanks to our friends for their time and tools!
  • We put new flooring in the kitchen, dining room, front entry, and living rooms - looks fabulous. Pictures forthcoming.
  • Michael and the children are going ice-fishing this weekend... 'tis a home alone vacation for me! I hope to get lots of scrapping and house tidying done.
  • I got a job at school, and am now an official employee of the DSBN!
  • I'm still volunteering in kindergarten.
  • Michael is on the cusp of a temporary job, which should start next week, God willing.
  • We are busy at church, as always.
I think that's about it, but I will get out a more detailed and photo filled post soon. Right now I need to finish packing up for the kids, and get some sleep. It's 10:30 and FIL will be here for my family at 2:30am!! YIKES!