Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Last Day of school!

I am about a week and a half behind in posting this, but thought, better late then never :D

So here are photos of the kids and their teachers.

JA finished grade two, and she had a fabulous teacher in Mr. Reimer! At the end of grade 1 JA and her friend P. didn't want to have Mr. Reimer for a teacher... he called one Elvis, and the other Julie-Wahnah! LOL Of course, both girls ended up in his class come September. By the end of the first day, you could not have asked these girls to change classes! Thank you Mr. Reimer for a fabulous year!

Zachary had Mrs. Goodman this year. She was JA's teacher for her two years in Kindergarten. Mrs. Goodman retired this year!! HAPPY RETIRMENT Mrs. Goodman!!


Both kids passed into the next grade, and Sophia will join them when she enters Junior Kindy in September... may how time has flown by!

I am so excited!

I'm drafting tomorrow's entry. I wish I knew how to have it auto post, but I don't!!

Stay tuned for the big announcement and exciting news. In light of that, I will be offering some BLOG CANDY for those who leave a post comment!

I have much to share beyond that... a day trip to Marineland, end of school photos and such. :)