Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A big loser!!

....and that is a GOOD THING!! :D

Last night was our local TOPS group awards night. There were four awards given out, and I was the recipient of one! I was 2nd place for my division for weight loss. I lost 13.5 pounds since April 24th (till Dec 31). I recieved a beautiful vase of flowers that now sits proudly on my kitchen table. A great temporary reminder of what I have accomplished. I also received a gorgeous sterling silver rope bracelet. I love it!! I am going to wear it 24/7 to remind me of what I *CAN* accomplish!! I'd like to shout out my congratulations to Amy B., Tara G., and Janice C., on their accomplishements/awards last night. ALL the ladies (and Ed!) are doing well to attend meetings and take their health seriously!! :D

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•J•O•A•N• said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! that is VERY exciting news! i like that they gave you something to wear around your wrist- your guaranteed to see it the next time you reach for something you know you shouldn't eat; that's a great idea. congrats again!