Monday, March 17, 2008

We're Home!!

Safe if not sound!! It was a relatively uneventful trip home... and the kids were AMAZING travellers! I have much to share, and lots of photos too, but we are just too darned tired to get to posting them tonite.

I've closed off my Sale-A-Bration orders, and I will make lunches and head to bed. Travelling and SITTING for 2 full days is exhausting!

I have a few new challenges for myself this week... Joy gave me a great pedometre while we were in FL, and so I'm determined to get 6K steps in a day... I'm making a longer term goal for 10K a day!! I'm back to eating breakfast daily, and drinking all my water. So far so good!! I was back to Curves today, and that felt good! Now to get back onto eating right, and we are good to go!!

The weather was OK today, but certainly not Florida! It's supposed to warm up a bit this week, so hopefully melt some of this snow! It's SUPPOSED to be Spring on Thursday..., we'll see. I think that darned Wiarton Willy LIED!!!! So much for an early Spring! I take heart though... when Michael and I got married 10 years ago, it snowed BIG TIME two weeks before our wedding. By the time the big day arrived, the snow was gone, the grass was green and the dafs were in bloom! YAY GOD! :D So I have full faith and hope that the same will be true this year (as our anniversary is in a couple of weeks!).

Ok, heading to bed... good night all! :D

Oh, check out who won prizes from my customer challenge!!

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