Thursday, March 6, 2008

I've lost a foot!!

Ok, not a foot off the bottom of my leg... but 12 inches!! YIPPEE!! I zipped into Curves this morning (thanks Mom!) just to get weighed and measured. I only lost 1lb for the month of Feb, but I did lose 2.25 this week for TOPS! YAHOO!! So I've lost approx 3 inches in Feb. That bring my total to one foot! There's one foot less of me! YIPPEE!!! It was worth going!

We are packing up today to head to FLA in the morning. Leaving at 4am. I think we are crazy. I think I'm going to have an anxiety attack getting ready. I think I won't sleep well. Pray I sleep well, and that we get to bed early tonite!!

I have a to do list today, here, in no particular order:

Wow, I'm getting a lot accomplished! I think I should make lists more often!! :D
  • get weighed and measured
  • bake chocolate chips to take with us
  • get the gas gauge checked on the van
  • find JA's bathing suit YIPPEE!!!
  • fold laundry
  • put laundry in dryer
  • make lunch
  • make supper
  • pack MY clothes
  • pack up the food/drinks/snacks for tomorrow
  • take middle seat out of van
  • pick movies for the trip
  • give children baths
  • have a shower - It will have to wait for the hotel tonite! LOL!
  • clear out fridge of food that will spoil
  • get the cat ready to go to Nanny's (let the cat in first!)
  • make Thank you Cards for John and Mahlah
  • pick some scrappy stuff to take with me

I think that's it... THAT'S IT?! LOL!!

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