Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Sickness abounds

Ugh... now Mike and I have sore throats. It sucks rocks.

On another, way more positive note, I rejoinedCurves today!! I went for a free workout. I forgot how much I enjoyed it when I went! Now that the kids are older, no more nursing babies, etc... I have more time to go! I am super excited about it, AND I have friends who also joined, so we can work out together!!


Jennifer said...

I'm sorry you're sick....I hope you're feeling yourself again soon! Enjoy going to Curves...I went for a while and it was fun! :)

•J•O•A•N• said...

oh, that makes such a difference when you have workout buddies! congratulations.
we're just finishing up passing around the cold virus in our house too... not fun!

The Six of Us said...

I rejoined Curves last month and am so glad I did! Congrats!