Monday, March 30, 2009

Sunday Seven

Yes, it's Monday... I'm getting better :D

  1. Sponge Rollers. Need I say more? I will have photos of the girls hair later today. They LOVE getting their hair done up in curlers!
  2. yummy chicken pizza that Michael made for me for supper last night
  3. That I am coughing less, most of the time. Coughing is horrible.
  4. That I lost .75 lbs last week, I'm finally back on the right track!
  5. For friends that had JA for a sleepover on Saturday night, and kept her for a while on Sunday afternoon (even washing her dress when she got a nasty bloody nose! Thanks Debbie!)
  6. For a relaxing evening visiting with Meg on Friday
  7. For a good play practice yesterday (for church, for Easter)

1 comment:

The Lee Family said...

Sounds like a good week - and the pizza sounds delicious!! What a good man :)