Saturday, June 9, 2007

CKC Buffalo!

CKC Buffalo

I had a great time this past weekend! My friend Jenn and I went on Friday morning, and after much wrong turning, we finally got to the Hyatt and checked in. :D After settling in, we parked, and zipped to the Convention Centre. We signed up to volunteer, got our shifts, and went to our classroom. Oh the classes we helped with were AMAZING, the teacher (Michelle from Quick Quotes) was excellent, and friendly. She even gave us two class kits (a 10x20 canvas, and a kit for 2 2 page layouts - Heritage style). We got 30$ to spend at the CK booth (which I thought was a sad representation of CK merchandise!)... so we used our gc's to pay for the Saturday night crop.

We went out to The Olive Garden with a bunch of Nook and Nook related girls. Thanks to Vanessa for co-ordinating that for us!! We had great food, LOTS of laughs, and a good time :) Friday night we were beat, so we zipped back to our hotel room, assembled our new QK goodies, watched some TV, and slept (well, after my friends DH called to say that her 3.75 year old was barfing at 11:30!!).

Saturday Jenn and I spent the entire day SHOPPING!! :D We got some good deals, neat stuff (yeah, not a lot new!)... and probably spent more than we were allowed. LOL I got some wonderful papers, cool laser cuts, and I had each of my kids names printed to make their own patterned paper (that was cool!). I won a door prize too! I got a 15$ gift certificate to Magical Impressions, which I believe, is a Sizzix dealer. I don't have a Sizzix, but I did manage to pick up some nice rub ons with my gc.

After a full day of shopping (and running into various people we knew!), we went with some new friends back to their hotel room to cool off, and have a low key supper in the hotel lobby. Then it was off to the crop!! Oh the goodie bags were SO worth going!! Lots of great stuff in them, a magazine at our table, and some of the vendors didn't want to take all their stuff home... so they had some amazing sales - I got 2 12x12 clipboards for 16$, some chipboard foldout books with neat boxes... and a few other things too. We left the crop early after all the door prizes, and contests were over. It was just time to go!

We didn't get dinged at the border, and the guy didn't even ask how long we were away or anything! I think he just KNEW we'd been to the CKC!! ;) LOL I'm sure there were lots of us coming home!! :D

It was a late night, but such a FUN weekend, and I can hardly wait for next year!! :D

I forgot to mention that on Saturday we had lunch with Jessica Sprague from CK!! We sat chatting with her for about 15 mins, and then she leaned back and her name tag was revealed. Shows you how much I know about celebrity faces!! LOL! She was sooooo wonderful! Very friendly, chatty, informative, and just a great girl! We got our photo with her, which I'll share later...

It was such a fantastic weekend!! :D I'm sorry Jenn didn't get more sleep (I so warned her that I snore!!)... but she's game for next year!! LOL! Now, to get my MOJO back, and get using the stuff I bought!! LOL!

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Cathy said...

Glad to hear you had a great time. Dorathy and I were very happy to meet you and Jenn. Your such a dear soul to have collected my prize for me after I left to go to my room Saturday night.

Dorathy and I had a wonderful time as well, I took a total of 13 classes so I didn't do as much shopping as you did but I believe I spent too much as well. lol

It was great of Venessa to introduce us at the dinner Friday night.

I came to the convention last year a loved it, this year was no different. There was just two classes that I was disappointed in. Which isn't bad since I took 13 of them.

I'm already saving to attend next years convention lol.

Thank you for a nice Saturday night crop with new friends.