Thursday, February 14, 2008

Day 2

Of Zachary being sick. Ugh. Yesterday he fell asleep in the hallway at school while waited for JA to be released from class (it was early release day). It was so cute, and I so wish I had my camera! So we came home, he whined. He got his jammies on, and crawled into my bed to watch TV. He skipped lunch. He slept. He came down and flaked on the couch. He barfed. On my bed. On my pillow. On his jammies. On the floor. He missed Cubbies. He was generally quiet (and for those who know him, that is SO not him! LOL). He barfed again. Inside the girls 'front' door. Inside the girls 'back' door. In the toilet. He slept all night. He woke up, he said he wanted to go to school... and later skipped breakfast and went to my bed. He missed school, and his Valentine's Day party. I will send the treats I made to school tomorrow.

Saturday is his birthday party. I hope he's better by then. I suspect he's almost fine now, as he's been a bit more lively in the past hour or so.

Happy Valentines Day to me! LOL! Here's hoping nobody else gets this!!

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