Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Florida Trip Day 1 on the road

It's our trip in review, with photos! I will share photos as I go, and detail the days we were gone :D It won't be all in one day tho!!

We left home on Friday March 7th at 4:30am, only 30 mins behind schedule, which for ME is really good!! The kids got up, hit the bathroom, and got buckled in. I gave them each their new cups with snack cups on the bottom, and away we went! They watched a movie right out of the gate, because, well, it was dark, so they might have slept, watched a movie!

We are blessed to have such excellent travellers in our children! Otherwise, we'd not be able to travel this way, ever.

We stopped a few hours into the trip for our first bathroom break. We were aiming to get to Rock Hill, SC, and we did make it!! We stopped at Subway for lunch, which put us behind about an hour or so. It was INCREDIBLY busy in there! We drove through the cool tunnels in the mountains of West Virginia, altho the first tunnel was down to one lane, and so we got stuck in traffic for AT LEAST an hour. Another minor slow down later caused us to lose about 3o more minutes. We stopped about 30 mins from Rock Hill and found a Pizza Hut. We got stuffed crust pizza, which the kids enjoyed, but I didn't! LOL! It just didn't taste like I thought it would! Then we piled back in the van, and made our way to Rock Hill. When we arrived, we tried to get a room at about 6 hotels, and nobody could take five of us without a big charge, or two double beds (and face it, Mike is too tall to share a double bed, I do like to have more than a corner to sleep on!). I was getting frustrated, and was ready to just say "go to sleep in the van, and we'll just drive all night!" Thankfully, we tried just one more hotel, and VOILA... 2 queen sized beds, non-smoking room, including breakfast... including taxes 55$. Can't go wrong there. It was 9:20pm. We got the kids settled, tidied up the van a little, had showers, and hit the sack.

It was incredibly foggy pretty much the entire way down. I think it was because we were crossing paths with the major blizzard that was hammering St. Catharines!! I have seen photos of the snow, and well, we didn't miss it!! There was still enough here when we got home!

Day 1. 1206 kms, 17 hours in the van, 3 movies, some traffic, and lots of fun!!

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