Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I so don't like head colds

Ok, so I don't like sickness of any kind!! But I have a headcold, and lots to accomplish this week. *sigh*

I am going on a scrapbooking retreat this weekend! YAY!! However, with the cold, I'm unmotivated to pack my stuff, and get totally excited to go. Isn't that SAD?!?! Good thing I'm still half packed up from my Spring Day Crop!!

So I'll make a list of things to be done this week, and go from there:

  • pack for Destination Create
  • do oodles of laundry
  • clean downstairs bathroom
  • go to Awana
  • figure out what to take to the potluck on Friday night
  • make supper
  • empty dishewasher
  • fill dishwasher
  • go to bowling with Zachary and Sophia this afternoon
  • ride bike to pick up JA
  • clean scrappin' table
  • put away towels, jeans
  • make lunch
  • take a quick nap
  • blow my nose - LOTS!

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