Thursday, April 10, 2008

Sunbeam MixMaster vs KitchenAide Mixer

So I want a counter top mixer.

I have looked at both Sunbeam (stainless steel photo) and
Kitchen Aid (the cool pink mixer).

I don't know much about either of them. I do know that the KA is MUCH more expensive than the SB one.

Do you have a mixer? What brand do you have?? Would you recommend one over the other? I have to say, I do love the pink one, simply because it is pink. I have a cell phone, and I have it because it's PINK!! LOL! Back to my roots... I always loved pink as a child. LOL However, I don't think I can justify the COST for the KA just to get a PINK one!! It is for a good cause... and we are getting a nice tax return this year... hmmm....

I'd be making cookies, merangue, pancakes, that sort of thing. So... please, some comment love! :D


•J•O•A•N• said...

i have a kitchen aid (it was a gift) and i'm not overly impressed with it. i think that you pay for the ability to add attachments with a kitchen aid, so if you're not planning to grind meat or grate cheese with it, you're probably safe with the sunbeam. does cuisin-art make one? they're a pretty reliable brand too.
and now, a word of caution: you will use this machine A LOT. if you're trying to cut baked goods out of your life, PROCEED WITH CAUTION. i've got myself into a lot of trouble with this extremely convenient appliance!

Sarah said...

KA, I just have to say... I got a KA for our wedding (Jon grew up with one and determined we "needed" it). I think I've used it 3 times....... LOL!

Sarah said...

KA, we got one for our wedding (a KA version). Jon grew up with it and felt it "essential." I grew up with a hand held electric mixer. I've used my table top one may be 5 times in 10 years.... Mine's red, but perhaps with bleach or flour you could pink-en it? :)

Shannon said...

While I dont know about modern sunbeam mixmasters, we do have one that is over 20 yrs old. It is a piece of crap put simply. It is very easily broken, bad speed control and poor mixing. We just upgraded to a Kitchenaid and yes while pricey it does a far superior job. Ours happens to be a pink Kitchenaid too! Basically, the only good part of the Mixmaster was that I now have two nice glass bowls to use.