Sunday, June 1, 2008


Sophia got to meet Dora today!! We broke the rules and went 'shopping' today. It was the grand reopening of a local Canadian Tire store. They had Diego there on Friday, but we couldn't make it. So today we went for Dora. She was just leaving for a rest (man, I have been that person inside those costumes, the heads are HEAVY and they are HOT!)... but we talked them into letting Sophia see Dora just for a minute. I got a couple pics (still on the camera, I'll share them tomorrow!)... and she was THRILLED!! Usually she's terrified of big dressed up stuff, but I guess Dora just isn't the same as all the others. Zachary on the other hand... he was shaking like a leaf, and would NOT get out of the cart! LOL!

OK, here are the promised photos! :)


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