Monday, June 30, 2008

So she's moved...

...and I seem to have survived. Oh many tears were shed. When the new owner came to check and see how things were going with us getting out (he already had his key!).... I had to hand over my copy of the house key, not without shedding a few tears.

I did get my roses out, some raspberries, and chrysanthemums. They are at the neighbours for me to pick up in the morning. We left the trailer there with a boat load of garbage in it that must be picked up tomorrow, along with the picnic table that my brother wants. I told them we'd be back for it, but my brother disappeared with my Mom's car (thus no trailer hitch!). Hopefully we can zip back tomorrow to get them picked up!!

We got all her belongings into the condo. The storage room is FULL... about 2/3 of the boxes are unpacked, altho I'm sure to be re-arranged as time goes by. We had great help from my Aunt and Uncle, my brother's friends, and a couple from our church. The kids were excellent as well. :D

I kept humming a tune today... it's from High School Musical (JA is influencing my choice in music these days! LOL!).... "it's the start, of something new..." Today really is the start of something new. A new begining, a fresh start.

So I'm off to bed. We'll see how Mom made out... Kala and Kyle got to sleep there with her tonite. She has cable TV> She gets channel 51. She gets Hannah Montana. JA will be over visiting often! LOL! The kids were totally enthralled with the closed circuit TV at the front door... so JA, Michael and I had to wave at Mom, Kala and Kyle on our way out! LOL! We'll see how they thought we did!

Tomorrow is day two of swimming lessons, and our 3rd annual Canada Day BBQ and fireworks!! I'll have photos for you later... I hope!

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