Monday, July 7, 2008

The BIG news!! Two Week Notice Man!

Ok, so several of you have asked if we are expanding our family... a resounding NO to that! LOL! No room, no money, no more mental reserves LOL!

So without further ado...


I have so been wanting to post it for about 6 weeks!! The interviewing process has been lengthy with 3 live interviews, a few phone calls, one walk through, and FINALLY an official job offer! :D His start date is July 21st. The hours are fantastic, the pay is decent, the environment is so clean you could eat off the floor! It's climate controlled (boy I bet he wishes he were there today!), pension plan, etc. It's amazing.

He'll be working at F-B Tool & Die and it's only 2.4km from home, where he is 6.3 km from home now (not a huge difference, but at 1.35 a litre!!)

He's in the same field, but it's a change as he's been with his current company for 10+ years. It's time to move on!! He says this could be the place he stays at until he retires. I can see that too!! YAHOOOOOOOO!!! GOD IS SO AWESOME to provide for us this way! :D

So to celebrate, please leave a comment, and I will randomly draw a winner for some BLOG CANDY next Monday!


Meg said...



TryingRacer said...

How exciting not only for Michael, but for the family as well! Congrats!

•J•O•A•N• said...

CONGRATULATIONS! i waited SO long for that post! you big tease :P
pass along my congrats to mike.

Sarah said...

Wonderful! Congrats, Michael. Big changes for all of you -- and all the best!