Thursday, October 9, 2008

15 minutes and more!

I started to tidy up my scrapbooking area. It quickly escalated into more tidying around the some other long overdue junk getting KICKED TO THE CURB!! Well, some of it is getting kicked to Freecycle including books, shower doors, the crib, books and other misc STUFF. YIPPEEE!!!

Michael ripped out the toilet and the vanity/sink last week, and next is the tub from the front bathroom upstairs. Just calling the garbage people now to come for the toilet and the tub (what a motivator for him to get it out!) :D Now to get the flooring stuff and get the front hall/old bathroom done so we can have a mud room!! WINTER IS COMING! (did I really say that?!) Michael is off to L. St. Amand for trip 1 of 2 to get patio stones. The shed is getting built!!

Back to scrapping... so I've made a little 'area' for my new Big Shot, just gotta get a storage something or other figured out for the dies that I have right now. I've got paper in a box to recycle (not good pappers!!)... and I am PURGING... i should photograph some of this stuff for the yardsale... hmmm, tonite, while CSI, Grey's and ER are on! Maybe...

I've got photos that need to be hung up! I bought 3 'floating frames' at JoAnn's today. They are super cool, and I fully intend to hang up the kids school photos this year! :D I got a cool wall vinyl thing to hang up with them about 'family'. I can't wait!! I also purchased a plate stand to put my scrapbook pages on display (thanks to KAREN T for the inspiration for that!).

This purging feels GREAT!! I should sleep well tonite :D

I'm on a roll!!

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