Thursday, October 30, 2008

Cupcake Bites

I recently found this blog, Bakerella! She has some fabulous recipes! The one that caught my eye tho... was these cute cupcake bites on a stick!! I didn't put mine on a stick. I didn't want the grade 3 boys at school to turn them into some kind of weaponry ;) LOL!

I did make them, and indeed you do NOT need the entire can of frosting. Had I only read it in detail BEFORE I put the whole can in!! Oh well, they turned out and taste DELISH!!

So I am taking these to school tomorrow for the kids Hallowe'en parties :D I bet they will be a huge hit! I baked a chocolate fudge cake, used cream cheese icing, and rolled them. Then I dipped the bottom in Merckens milk chocolate, the tops in Merckens white chocolate and then dipped it in fall themed sprinkles while the chocolate was still wet.

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